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Karla is in Mexico shooting her new film “Que culpa tiene el niño”. A film by Mexican filmmaker Gustavo Loza. Karla said she’s very excited to go back to Mexico and working in a comedy after finishing the first season of”How To Get Away With Murder.”

At a press conference, the director, who has also directed films like “Paradas Continuas” and “La otra familia”, explained that the new production is a family comedy, which has the intention of making people laugh with a cute message.

The plot, he explained, is about a successful 29-year-old daughter of a politician  who by “accident of fate” is pregnant and does not know who the father is.

Loza confessed that the main character was created especially for Karla Souza, “She is a super hardworking and talented actress.”

Since Karla needs to be back in the United States by July due HTGAWM, the film will be shot in five weeks with locations in Mexico City; Coyoacan, Santa Fe and Santa Maria La Ribera, along with Acapulco and Morelos.

Regarding her work in this comedy, Karla stated that since she read the script she knew she had to do because “it is amazing and because he had a long time without making films in Mexico”

Karla, who serves as co-producer on a film, said that this position has enabled it to provide more than just the interpretation of a role, as some changes in the script and their relationships with brands, among others.

I’m so excited to see Karla in a new film, I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Stay tune for more updates.

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