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This week Karla has been very busy as she’s in Mexico City promoting her new film ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’ and she’s been part of several interviews that I will share with you now. All the interviews are in Spanish and whenever I have time I’ll try to write the subtitles for them.

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Karla sat down to talk about the new season of ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ on Harry Connick Jr.‘s new daytime talk.


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Karla also appeared today at the AOL Build Series where she had an amazing interview about HGTAWM, it’s very interesting and Karla was amazing. Check it out below and check out the photos.



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Today was a busy day for Karla as she went to three shows to promote ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. The first show was Good Morning America and you can see the interview and backstage interview below. Here’s the video from New York Live, unfortunately it can’t be embed.


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Yesterday, Karla appeared on Hollywood Today Live to speak about the new season of HTGAWM. Tomorrow she will be on Good Morning America.

“How To Get Away With Murder” is very serious about keeping secrets. So serious that Karla Souza resorts to extremes when she can’t return her scripts! Can Ross get her to spill the beans on who’ll kick the can this season?


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WWD – Karla Souza may have been a new face to American audiences when she first appeared on Shonda Rhimes’ cult-favorite, “How to Get Away with Murder,” but she was in no way an up-and-comer. Souza, 30, was a full-fledged star in her native Mexico, appearing on the covers of magazines  and as a face of Cover Girl. After appearing in the highest-grossing Mexican film of all time, as well as the highest-grossing Spanish language film in North America, she decided to try her luck in L.A. The risk paid off, and she landed the role of law student Laurel Castillo in the Viola Davis-helmed “How to Get Away with Murder,” which returns tonight for season three.

WWD chatted with Souza while she was on a break from filming about uprooting her life for the show, what to expect from the third season and what she’s learned from playing Laurel.

WWD: How did you end up getting the role of Laurel?

Karla Souza: A movie I had done in Mexico got me representation here, and they were like, “Oh, there’s this thing called pilot season, you should come.” And so I was like, “Sure.” And then that thing called pilot season ended up with me signing a seven-year contract. I basically moved my whole life on the basis of a pilot.

WWD:You’ve previously said that first pilot season was a fairly rocky experience.

K.S.:Oh, it is something that I don’t think people could understand unless they do it. Not only logistically — the traffic in L.A. is horrendous and the auditions are spread out through the entire city — but then one character is a prostitute and the other is a mom of two children and the other one is a Marine. And you’re changing in the bathroom of a McDonald’s and you’re trying to change your hair, change your makeup, and you’re sweating — and at the same time you just left an audition where they treated you very poorly and you felt humiliated and you ended up crying in the bathroom, calling your managers saying “I never want to do this again.” But then you have to wipe your tears off and walk in and pretend like you know what you’re doing in the next audition. It’s just horrendous.

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Karla features as one of the success stories as a Mexican who has triumphed in Los Angeles. Here are the scans of the magazine, it includes a new photo from her InStyle photoshoot and it’s amazing.

 normal_img_3192QUIEN – Was discriminated for her nationality, that’s why since she resides here she decided to end that stigma in the best way: working. Now she’s one of the leading actresses in the hit TV show How to Get Away with Murder.

How’s your life in Los Angeles?

The place where I live (Pacific Palisades) is very family oriented. The kids ride their bikes, play frisbee, water wars. Two steps from my home there’s a mountain where you can hike: we like to do night walks. There’s a beach culture, surf, relax… There’s a small town two minutes away; we like to walk there or in our bikes to buy ice cream, people walk their dogs… Very calm!

What has been the most emotive moment since you live there?

When they told me I’ve got the role of Laurel Castillo in How to Get Away with Murder.

How do you see Mexicans in LA?

Very prepared. The ones I know, excel: they do social work, hardworkers, reliable. They are a gift for the United States!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Been discriminated for your nationality. I can’t stand it! I hope that my work can end that stigma.

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Karla Souza graces the cover of TVyNovelas USA in its September issue. Here’s a small article and the full cover. I’ll try to get the scans as soon as the magazine is published, so stay tuned.


Hollywood had another Latin face and she’s here to stay. She talked with the magazine TVyNovelas about her career and revealed some details about her life off camera.

We’re talking about Karla Souza, who in less than five years and three very successful movies has become one of the stars to follow.

She’s now conquering the American TV as part of the popular TV show, How to Get Away with Murder in her role as Laurel Castillo. With her talent, Karla promises to solidify the place of Latin artists on TV and movies.

But not everything has been easy for Souza, who was not able to speak for three months and has suffered from depression problems.

“Not being able to speak or express myself was killing me. Even if I was far away from taking my life, I think it was a moment when I realized I had to take the decision to ask for help,” she said.

She added on her muteness: “I was blessed to have a family that took care of me and supported me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it. I realized the value of words, of saying what you feel, and give your opinion. That gives us life. Not many people understand that joy.”

She also talked about what she learned from Eugenie Derbez, the challenges she has faced for being a Latina and even her opinion on Donald Trump.

Karla also revealed details about her life with her husband and the possibility of becoming a mother. She also spoke about what makes her happy, her craziest story and many other things.

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