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I’ve added pictures of Karla from the Guadalajara press conference and the premiere of ¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño? Also from the press conference in Monterrey from today. Stay tuned for more pictures of tonight’s premiere in Monterrey.




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As I annouced before, Karla graces the cover of Marie Claire Mexico. She was photographed by Alex Córdova.  I have added high quality scans and one outtake from the photoshoot. You’ll also find a behind the scene video below. Enjoy!

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Read the full interview in Spanish.

She has participated in the highest-grossing Mexican films, working on a television series in Hollywood with Viola Davis and will release her first film as a producer.

At 30 years old, Karla has worked as an actress in film, theater and television, and just debuted as a producer on the film “¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?”

Three years ago it seemed that Karla Souza had reached her highest point thanks to the success of “Nosotros los nobles” and “No se aceptan devoluciones”, the highest grossing films in the history of Mexico; but in fact, it was barely the takeoff of a career that promises much, both at home and throughout the world, because the following year she joined the cast of How to Get Away with Murder, starring Viola Davis. As if that were not enough, at 30 years Karla is starting as a producer with the film “¿Que culpa tiene el ñino?, which, as she admits, has been a school for her, and this was the perfect excuse to interview her about the situation women live in Hollywood.

How has it been for you to enter the film production?

Now that I’m on the other side I admire and respect more the producer, because I was in their shoes. As an actress I am aware of the budget, locations filming and editing.

Did you change your way of seeing acting after becoming a producer?

I think both sides communicate. As an actress I know I have to give interviews to the press, but rather than get mad saying I do not want to do something, enters the producer in me and tells me that  interviews help to promote the film. It is an interesting internal dialogue, because not everyone thinks so. For an actress character it is important, but if no one sees the tape will not work. I feel that being a producer has helped me even in the show I do, How to Get Away with Murder, which they always appreciate me for being so cooperative.

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Karla Souza graces the cover of Marie Claire Mexico. I’ll try to get the scans of the magazine this weekend and from what I’ve seen of the cover, I really love the photoshoot.

“And so we welcome to May … with Karla Souza on our cover! With a beauty that stops traffic, a charisma that love and intelligence that transcends borders, our special dedicated to her is a must. #GirlPower

Marie Claire Mexico - May 2016

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Karla was photographed by Andrew McPherson for Colgate Luminous White. I’ve added two photos to the gallery.


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A few months ago, Karla posted on Instagram that she was shooting a new project and now we have the final result. She stars in a commercial for Colgate and I must say I love it, she looks amazing.


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I just uploaded 287 High Definition captures of Karla in the last episode of HTGAWM to the gallery. This was the last episode of the season and the show ended amazing but now we are left with a bunch of new questions. Stay tuned as I’ll let you know when season three will start.



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I just uploaded 276 High Definition captures of Karla in the last episode of HTGAWM to the gallery. I apologize for not uploading this last week. I was busy with school, but here they are.



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