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As I updated earlier, Karla graces the cover of the September and 10th years anniversary issue of InStyle Mexico. I finally got the scans of the magazine, and she looks amazing. There are so many pictures inside and they all are beautiful. She was photographed by Santiago Ruiseñor. I must admit this is my favorite photoshoot so far.

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Karla is on cover of the next issue of InStyle Mexico magazine. I will add the scans and the photoshoot as soon as I get the magazine. So, stay tuned!


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I’ve added the scans of Karla’s most recent magazine cover. It includes a new photoshoot and a new interview (in Spanish). Once again, Karla was photographed by Fernando Ivarra and the photos are amazing.

These images are exclusive from Karla Souza Web, if you take them please give us credit.


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Karla Souza graces the cover of TVyNovelas USA in its September issue. Here’s a small article and the full cover. I’ll try to get the scans as soon as the magazine is published, so stay tuned.


Hollywood had another Latin face and she’s here to stay. She talked with the magazine TVyNovelas about her career and revealed some details about her life off camera.

We’re talking about Karla Souza, who in less than five years and three very successful movies has become one of the stars to follow.

She’s now conquering the American TV as part of the popular TV show, How to Get Away with Murder in her role as Laurel Castillo. With her talent, Karla promises to solidify the place of Latin artists on TV and movies.

But not everything has been easy for Souza, who was not able to speak for three months and has suffered from depression problems.

“Not being able to speak or express myself was killing me. Even if I was far away from taking my life, I think it was a moment when I realized I had to take the decision to ask for help,” she said.

She added on her muteness: “I was blessed to have a family that took care of me and supported me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it. I realized the value of words, of saying what you feel, and give your opinion. That gives us life. Not many people understand that joy.”

She also talked about what she learned from Eugenie Derbez, the challenges she has faced for being a Latina and even her opinion on Donald Trump.

Karla also revealed details about her life with her husband and the possibility of becoming a mother. She also spoke about what makes her happy, her craziest story and many other things.

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Last night, Karla attended the TCA Summer Press Tour. She looked amazing in a Michael Kors dress. I’ve added the pictures to the gallery, take a look.


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Karla Souza has booked a role in Jacob’s Ladder, director David M. Rosenthal’s re-imagining of the 1990 thriller. She will play Annie/Angel, a trauma nurse who works with Jacob’s medical crew in Afghanistan. The LD Entertainment film was scripted by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp. Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon and Jennifer Monroe at LD Entertainment will produce alongside Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films.

Congratulations, Karla!!!

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Yesterday ¿Que Culpa Tiene el Niño? premiered in Mexico City at the Metropolitan Theater. Karla wore a stunning Burberry dress. I had the pleasure to attend the premiere thanks to Grupo Habita and was able to meet most of the cast, but most importantly I was able to meet my idol, Karla Souza. Not only she is a beautiful woman, but an amazing human being. She took pictures with the fans and signed autographs (glad to say I was one of those lucky fans). Let me tell you that the movie is amazing, it’s so funny but there are moments when I thought I was about to cry. Karla and the rest of the cast were amazing. Please if you have the chance to watch it do it. You can also watch a video of Karla presenting the movie below (filmed by me)


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Karla graces the weekend edition of Estilo DF. I have added the images from the photoshoot and she looks stunning. She was photographed by Oscar Ponce. Stay tuned for the scans of the magazine. Also, take a look at the video below.


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