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After its premiere at the Palm Springs Film Festival, ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’ got its first early review from The Hollywood Reporter. Karla’s performance was praised as you will be able to see in the full review below.

The Botton Line: Scintillating cast sails right over a rickety rom-com script.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — This bilingual romantic comedy set in Los Angeles and Baja centers on a successful doctor trying to heal her personal life.

One of the crowd-pleasing world premiere films shown this year in Palm Springs is a bilingual romantic comedy, Everybody Loves Somebody, which doesn’t break any new ground thematically but still manages to make an appealing addition to the rom-com genre. Pantelion Films will release it in the U.S. and should find a sympathetic audience, especially if the picture is shrewdly marketed in parts of the country with sizable Latino populations.

But the main reason for the movie’s success is its irresistible cast. Souza manages to make us care about Clara even when she’s behaving atrociously. Her sassy spirit has us rooting for her to escape her downward spiral, but there’s no sentimentality in her portrayal.

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Yesterday, Karla assisted the screening of her brand new film ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’ at the Palm Springs Film Festival. I’m so proud of her and she looked so beautiful. Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery.


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As you all can see, we have a new design at Karla Souza Web. The header was done by Kaleidoscope 3 and the lovely theme in the gallery and here was made by English Rain. Also, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates in the last months. I’ve been a bit busy with university but I’m almost done updating all the gallery with photos from ‘HTGAWM’ and events.

Hope you all like new design and if you encounter an error please let me know.

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The new trailer of Karla’s next film “Everybody Loves Somebody” is out and I must say it looks amazing. The film will be released in February of next year in Mexico under the title “Todos Queremos a Alguien.” Here’s the official trailer.


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Today Karla is celebrating her 31st birthday! I want to wish on behalf of Karla Souza Web a happy birthday. I really hope she has the time of her life with all her loved ones and I wish her nothing but the best in this new year of life.

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Karla sat down to talk about the new season of ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ on Harry Connick Jr.‘s new daytime talk.


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I really want to apologize for how late I’ve uploaded the screen captures, but I’ve finally done it and now you can enjoy them in the gallery.


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Karla also appeared today at the AOL Build Series where she had an amazing interview about HGTAWM, it’s very interesting and Karla was amazing. Check it out below and check out the photos.



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